The Star Spangled Banner

I am an American. Plain and simple. Born and raised American. Son, grandson, nephew of American soldiers. I buy American when possible. I will always support American military, teams, athletes, artists, people when it is needed. I am blessed with a job that supports American military and government. I am not brash and shove it in your face, push my political views upon you or belittle those who are not American. I will, however, defend who, what, when, where I feel America or an American is need of defense.

Why am I saying this or pushing this? In recent times this country has faced extreme opposing views internally (that I will not get into and will delete comments as such as well) and I feel that WE, Americans as a whole, need to re-establish our footing and once again make the forward push we are known to do.

Lets restore than true meaning behind AMERICA - Land of the free and home of the brave!