The Antisocial Social World

We live in a world where social media has become a huge presence. It has led to devices and gadgets designed to bring the world together at your fingertips.  Only this new agenda has led to the antithesis of a social world.  You have car accidents because people are looking at their phones, people walking into poles or even busy streets because they were looking down, and then there is the "just one minute" effect.  How often has your friend, parent, child come to you for something and you're response was "just one minute" as you listen to a video, finish a game, read a post, etc. that turns into a much larger amount of time and frustration from both sides?  We all fall victim to this.

We need to start reclaiming social for what it truly is. Pull the plug every now and then. Take a walk with someone.  Meet up for dinner with people and leave your phone at home. Learn to be social again in this now antisocial world.