Failure is not falling down, but failing to get up after falling

Life has a way of making the things, that you believe would be so easy to complete, difficult as hell.  Quitting is the easy way out when things get difficult. Getting worked up and ranting and raving leads to little as well.  I should know, I tend to fall victim to this often.  There's the famous quote "Shit Happens", but there's also the quote "Suck it up Princess. Deal with it!"  I've learned if I've dwelled on my failures I'd be nowhere.  Failures driven by outside sources that you can't control and have fought tooth and nail to prevent have a way of digging at you more than the failure driven by your own efforts (or lack there of). The video exemplifies the person behind the effort is what makes the success. He entered the race expected to be the winner and at the end because he refused to give up he was still a winner in the hearts of every soul in that building.  To this day over 20 years later people still know of Derek Redmond because of this example.  If I asked you who won that race most could not answer without research.  Many people, however, remember this triumph over a difficult situation.  The point to all this is just because you didn't get there first doesn't mean you can't be the one to set the lasting impression.  Don't quit, keep going no matter what knocks you down.